The Story of Wholesale

Flippers Wholesale History

Flashback to june, 1989:

Flippers (a young Central Florida pizza company rising) had just opened its second location—a piping hot new venue next to the Republic Movie Theatre off the famous International Drive.

Batman and Indiana Jones played nonstop all Summer and business boomed. Life was good for the Flippers crew, and it was about to change forever.

One afternoon during that fateful Summer, the future Flippers owner—back then just a doe-eyed kid with big dreams and a passion for pies—had an unusual encounter with a usual customer. This particular customer had a reputation for knocking back a slice and a beer with carefree appreciation, but in this instance, he came to Flippers seeking professional help.

He needed dough, fast. He was the Executive Chef at Marriott and wanted to get the Flippers fresh product into his restaurant. The young dreamer set to work and developed a system for mass producing, distributing and generally perfecting his parbaked dough.

It was love at first bite for the chef.

This was the first Flippers wholesale pizza dough account, and the company never looked back. It’s been more than 30 years since that historic afternoon and to this day, that Marriott orders from Flippers.

But you can too, these days—with nationwide shopping right to your front door.

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Endorsed Bybarstool sports

In May 2020, we sent Barstool Sports’s Dave Portnoy a pizza. Or rather, we sent him a wholesale pizza kit—some assembly required.

This may not sound scary to you, but the guy boasts a bonafide reputation as a pizza connoisseur, racking up millions of views on his (in)famous one-bite pizza reviews. This was a high-pressure situation, delivering a new take on pie to the king of internet pizza reviews.

Our nationwide pizza shipping operation was built for this, a well-oiled machine designed to get high-quality product directly to people’s doors, even during a global pandemic.

Dave took the challenge, ran with it, and graciously shared his Flippers experience with those millions of disciples we just mentioned—for which we will forever be grateful.

FAQfrequently asked questions

Why Flippers for wholesale?

We’ve got a track record of high-quality products across the board, with more than 30 years of experience sourcing out 100% fresh ingredients and perfecting our craft.

What’s in the dough?

Only the finest natural ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers with stellar reputations. We skip all the preservatives and any type of dough conditioner. It’s pizza, not hair.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We deliver directly to the bulk of Florida and can partner with your preferred logistics partner to deliver products efficiently to you.

How much does this cost?

It really depends on what you order. Prices are determined by logistics, volume and product selection. We stay aggressively competitive with pricing from other food service pizza providers.

How do I order?

The ordering process is simple! It can be established once your account is set up—shoot us a message and we’ll get you ready to go.

Can I sample the product?

Absolutely—in fact, we encourage sampling to prove the quality of our food. Once again, send us a message and we’ll expedite the process!

Can you keep up with my high demand?

100%. We’ve been doing this for more than three decades and have the passion, ability and desire to handle even the most mountainous volume.

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