Flippers Bakery

These fresh products are available from Flippers Bakery through select premium food distributors.*

Hand Tossed Shells, Sauce, and Cheese Pizzas

Available in 6″, 7″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, and 16″ sizes

Deep Dish Shells

Available in 12″ and 16″ sizes

Sheet Pan Shells

Available in 17’’ x 25’’ dimensions

Dough Balls

Available in 5-oz, 12-oz, 17-oz, and 22-oz weights


Available in Artisan and Whole Wheat

Hand Rolled Breadsticks


There are many reasons to order products from Flippers Bakery. In addition to superior customer service and uncompromising quality, customers enjoy the following benefits:

Only The Very Best Ingredients:

  • Our dough is made using 100% extra virgin olive oil and unbleached, unbromated flour.
  • All of our sauce and cheese pizzas are made with 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese and fresh-packed California tomatoes with no added preservatives.
  • All of our pizza shells are hand tossed, parbaked — a cooking technique that only partially bakes the dough — and then frozen, allowing for easy storage, transport, and an extended shelf life.
  • We offer our wholesale customers the same high-quality toppings that are carried in our retail restaurants.

Product Customization:

  • When needed, our bakery can create custom products and orders specifically tailored to your unique requirements.

Convenience & Reliability:

  • Thanks to our flexible delivery times and low minimum order quantities, most orders can be filled within 24 hours.
  • Our production line runs daily at our local warehouse, so you’re always getting the freshest products available.
  • Pick up service is available five days per week.

Proven Satisfaction:

  • Flippers Bakery products are proudly offered in hotels, resorts, restaurants, schools, and amusement venues throughout the entire state of Florida. Our customers delight in the quality, value, and service of the Flippers Bakery.

* Check with your current wholesale distributor for the availability of Flippers Bakery items.